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Hey there, it’s Kevin Bankston! I have been working on cars my whole life. I have also owned several race cars, street cars and have always enjoyed working on cars, finding the problem and fixing them. 

Me and my wife, Ginger opened KB’s Auto Service Center in March 2006. We started in a 4 bay shop behind a car wash and an Exxon station. We did well, but we out grew this location. To be able to accommodate our customers and their needs, we have built a new facility.

In our new location we have 9 bays with access to hold 12 cars. We added a state of the art Hunter Hawk Elite alignment machine. We now have a spacious waiting area and plenty of parking at our new location.

We try to run our business off of honesty and fair prices and we enjoy building relationships with our customers.


We have the newest state of the art Hunter Hawk Eye alignment machine. This will allow us to align your vehicle to factory spcs and give you the optimum handling your car was designed to do. This will help you get the most mileage out of your tires.


he battery is what stores your power to crank your engine and power all the electronics. The alternator is what charges the battery and the starter is what cranks your engine. We do all types of electrical services battery drains, no cranks, no starts, window door locks, lighting, etc.


Are your breaks squealing, grinding steering wheel shaking, pedal pulsing when coming to a stop or slowing down? Your breaks probably need to be inspected. Let us drive, inspect, and evaluate what it will take to get your brakes back to safe condition.


Is your engine smoking under the hood or out the exhaust? Is your engine ticking, knocking, or running hot? Is it leaking oil or coolant? These are all things that we can diagnose and repair here at KB’s. 

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3883 HWY 45 N, Jackson, TN 38305